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Our training materials can be delivered in-person, on-line or via webinar. We offer a wide variety of services to cover all your needs from the farm to harvest, we have you covered to both safely and humanely raise, transport, and harvest animals. 

Traning is at the core of what we do because an improperly trained person has zero chance of success so we focus our efforts on keeping your employees up to date and leading your company toward success.  

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New Hire On-Boarding


This program focuses on the handler's understanding of how to handle animals at the harvest plant from unloading through the harvest process. It not only helps keep you in compliance but also improves meat quality and reduces loss. 


Get your new hire employees prepared to handle animals.

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On Farm and Loadout


This program focuses on the handler’s understanding of how to handle animal on the farm and throughout the load out process. It not only helps keep you in compliance but also improves meat quality while reducing loses.


*This comes with a certification


Captive Bolt Part 1 and Part 2

These programs focus on the understanding of all types of captive bolt guns and how each works . The care, storage, and proper maintenance of these in part one and part two focuses on the proper use of the captive bolt guns. Species specific and teaches how to confirm death after each use.

*This comes with a certification 


Electric stunner safety and operation

This program trains employees on the proper use, safety, and humane operation of a stunner . Also covers cleaning and maintaining an electric stunner .

Most types and models covered and is species-specific for swine, sheep, and goat harvest

Co2 Safety and Operation

Co2 Safety and operation 

 This training guide helps prevent accidents and failures  when working with Co2.

Working with Co2 can very dangerous and costly mistakes can be made easily by untrained employees.

Use this to train new and experienced operators

Weekly Training Guides

26 weekly training guides that can be used to keep your company’s beliefs and good practices at the forefront of all employees’ minds. 

Custom designed to be delivered weekly in under 10 minutes  they can also be used to do pin point training  or behavior correction of individual employees. 


These templates are customized for your business’s needs.


Global Animal Welfare officer Certification for Harvest Plant Leaders 

A 12-hour course that consists of 6 independent learning modules, two separate instructor lead classes, and an exam.

1. Animal care, welfare, and evaluation

2. System evaluation/ Hazard analysis

3. Robust Program Creation

4. Manager/ Trainer preparedness

5. Laws and regulations

6. Internal process review

7. Troubleshooting

8. Emergency response training


*Suitable for Swine, bovine, poultry, and dairy Harvest plant Managers and Quality Assurance Leaders.

The tuition fee is $450 USD which includes a textbook, Temple Grandin's Slaughter of Farmed Animals.

Please submit your CV or Resume today for consideration. 

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We offer a wide variety of nationally sponsored and widely required training programs to keep you in compliance. 

PQA Plus, TQA, and BQA are required programs to sell beef and swine to most U.S. harvest companies. We offer in-person training of these programs to get you not just signed off but actually understanding the content to better care for animals and deliver quality.


The use and understanding of these programs by your handlers is proven to increase the quality and number of market animals delivered,  paid, and harvested.


**PQA Plus and TQA are property of the National pork board funded by Pork check off and are in no way associated with cloverleaf strategies.

** BQA is in no way associated with CloverLeaf strategies.

Rescue Training gets you back in business fast


We would love to train your team to be the best in the business before an unfortunate event occurs but we are here for you should something happen.  

Fast, accurate training and correction responses to get you back in business ASAP. 

Some of the things we can help you respond to

  • Video releases

  • Customer Complaints

  • Inspection service stopping production for Non-Compliance (NR) 

  • Failed audit corrective actions 

  • NR response (corrective actions that make sense)

  • Real-time response 24/7 to get you back running


We have industry experts on-call 24/7 

Call us anytime!


Let's Talk about our group training! 


We offer group training for all plant personnel in three languages

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What our customers are saying

"We had an unfortunate event happen at our plant and were at a loss for what to do to get our employees trained and offer a corrective action so we could continue. Just one phone call and we were in the training room 15 minutes later with an industry expert and a written response in our hands.

We went from potentially being down for days to up and running four hours later"

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